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Price: $5,000 USD for one unit. $4,500 for 5-9 units. $4,000 for 10 units or more.
Price does not include freight.

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Lamassu Bitcoin ATM

This is the Bitcoin Machine. Here's how it works:

  1. Scan your Bitcoin QR code.
  2. Insert cash.
  3. You have bitcoins! Buy yourself something pretty.

See what this little guy can do

Bitcoin in fifteen seconds

Fiat to Bitcoin in fifteen seconds

Currency from over 200 countries

Accepts notes from over 200 countries

Compatible with leading exchanges

Supports leading exchanges, wallets and price feeds

Audited by network security experts

Coded and audited by network security experts

Intuitive and simple

Intuitive and simple user interface

Securely bolted to wall, stand, or countertop

Internal steel vault is securely bolted to wall, stand, or countertop

Web-based back end

Web-based back end

Sub-second QR code scanning

Sub-second QR code scanning



Compact desktop size

Compact desktop size
(35.6cm W x 48.1cm H x 26.9cm D)

What people recently wanted to know

How much do the machines cost?

1-4 units cost $5,000, 5-9 units cost $4,500, 10 units or more cost $4,000. It is a fixed cost, and there are no recurring fees such as licensing or franchising fees.

Do I require a license or permit to operate the Bitcoin Machine?

Some jurisdictions may have regulatory requirements (such as KYC/AML). We would advise to consult with an attorney prior to operating these machines. If you are located in the US, we require a signed due diligence questionnaire prior to shipping.

Who owns the bitcoins on the machine?

The operator of the machine, be it the distributor or individual owner is responsible for loading the machine with bitcoins. In other words, he who holds the private key.

Is the Bitcoin Machine CE compliant?

Yes, it is.

What is the warranty on this machine?

Short answer — one year on parts and we will provide technical support in case of malfunction. For a detailed answer, please refer to our terms and conditions.

What are the requirements for becoming a distributor?

There is a MOQ of 10 units for wholesale pricing, and we will require that distributors service the machines they operate or sell. We will provide basic technical support and parts under warranty to distributors. There will be no licensing, franchising or exclusivity.

Is there a minimum quantity, can I buy one to test the waters?

There is no minimum quantity, you can definitely buy one to try out.

Can I use an online exchange to fund the machine?

Yes, we have an administrative interface for integrating your preferred online exchange, or several of them.

Who sets the commission and Bitcoin ticker price?

The operator of the machine sets the fees and ticker prices. That too is easily set via the administrative interface.

Will currency X work with the machine?

All major currencies will work with our bill validators. For a specific currency, please contact us. The answer will probably be yes.

The machine looks small, can't someone just pick it up and run?

No. The machine will be smash and grab resistant. It is not meant for unattended or outdoor use, but it will have thick metal mounting plates, a dual locking system and an internal strong box for the cash.

Will you accept Bitcoin orders?

We prefer Bitcoin. We will also accept wire transfers.